Stay on Track

by Chelsea Smile

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Statement 02:46
Have your statement but it won’t last. Destroying your ideals, I’ll make it be the past. Just accept the truth that we’re all the same. The way you act and think is such a fucking shame. Borders in the world, maintaining so called peace. You don’t know how it is to live on your knees. You’re living the lie and building on fear and hate. Never seen though their eyes, nothing to relate. Now it’s time to release your strength. It’s an all-out war, be sure to face your true self. In the name of god we are killing for peace. Man up, confess, the blood is still on our hands. How can you hate the way that you do. You live the easy live, not knowing what they’re going through. Everything that they ever wished for, you throw it all away because you never lived poor. Surrounded by ignorance, revealing true hearts. Blindfolds to hide the shame, masters at this cruel art. It’s an all-out war, be sure to face your true self. Man up, confess, the blood is still on our hands. It’s an all-out war be sure to face your true self. Man up, confess, this is a goddamn statement.
Unstoppable 02:30
Going through life with a thousand miles an hour. Unstoppable, every horde we devour. Living too fast for all bullshit I see. I take it as it is, never held down. Never held down. I take it as it is. Never held down. Every time I realize, it’s all about the risk. You gotta take the step, first move, setback. Back on your feet, wipe off the blood and sweat so we’ll always stay on track. Stay on track, after every setback. We stay on track. No time to lose, in a blink it’s gone. And when it’s over make sure you won. Don’t hesitate, it will be your doom. Free yourself. Free yourself, off all the disgust. Keep the faith, you gotta trust. Trust in yourself and life will come, nothing to waste. You must give, give to take. No one lives, lives forever. It all ends, so stick together. Unstoppable, we take it all. Nothing to hide, nothing to lose. A life without regrets, just as real as it gets.
Betrayer 03:07
Waking up with a bad taste in my mouth. I know what’s up, but I can’t figure out why one goes left, but always speaks of going right. Front row seat, but you’re the one who sold out. Riding with the bigmouths, dragging all the hate. Clueless, we’ll never roll together. The thing is, we’re not alike. You can try but the walls will keep on growing. Remaining bridges closing the gap will be torn down, tear down now! Lies, lies lies, all for status. Forgetting the important things in life. We don’t care if you lie to us, you’re already dust. It’s your own life you deceive, you betrayer! No backbone to support the talk, never walk the walk. It’s your own life you deceive, you betrayer! With no remorse and never feel the pain. It just passes by, like an empty train. Every one to blame and never wonder why. How can you rely on your friends if you can’t rely on yourself? Never justify, never relate. Don’t you see you’re the cause of all this hate? You just walk away, without ever looking back. Looking back! When the push comes to shove, you’re the one with a rope around your neck. My own actions lead to my own consequences. Never hide from the deeds and take the fucking guild. Never crossing paths again with you betrayer. Living without you, no deception. Never lost in lies, unlike you betrayer. Living without you, gives satisfaction. You empty being, you fuck.
The true, the fake, the liars, the hate. Can’t handle the stress, these chains will break. When life gets rough, and the world is against you. Get rid of the hassle, we don’t need you. What goes around, comes around. There’s so much more to see. Everything you know, all the fake shit on TV. We still got that attitude, no regrets in the past. A positive mindset, with this power we will last. You say that you’re true but always do as you told. Complaining about life, while sitting on gold. I see with open eyes without any distress. This negative outlook, fuck that. Keep your head up high. There’s no success of you don’t try. Don’t follow the crowd that molds the path. If we don’t fit in, fuck that. We still got that attitude, no regrets in the past. A positive mindset, with this power we will last. We got the power, with it we will prevail. We have the strength, never forget to never give in. Don’t give in without virtue. They waste their time by judging you. Never forget, to never give in.
Think, see, act it will never be the same. You’ll regret in the end, feel all the fucking shame. With your lack of power change is not on your side. This fake world of yours it soon will collide. Abandon my sight, think your actions trough. The game is over, gone without a clue. State your judgment, the words won’t hurt us. Open your eyes, revelation will lead to confess. Change is not on your side. Fake worlds collide. Turn back time, no skill to perform. Lying in the corner, no one to keep you warm. Live your lesson, learn to regain. Make your own way, don’t try to be the same. The choice is yours to make, it’s all up to you. But you’ll pay the price, no matter what you do. Empty life, empty words, you won’t be heard. Take your fucking pain, you’ll never be cured. Change is not on your side. Fake worlds collide.


released February 25, 2014


all rights reserved



Chelsea Smile Friesland, The Netherlands

Chelsea Smile was formed with a group of friends who have a big heart for hardcore music. With a mixture of hardcore such as Terror, and Trapped Under Ice combined with some Nasty and Shattered Realm beatdown, Chelsea Smile packs one hell of a punch.

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